Vacant Country

Cashier Girl

She doesn't notice Kyle's presence until he drops a soda can and bag of crisps in front of her.

Cashier girl


The sky is blue, birds are singing and a mild wind is breezing through the leaves of the surrounding oak trees. Kyle is quietly waiting on the side of an empty road, lost in his thoughts, vaguely staring at the pavement with his hands in his pockets.

The noise of a car approaching at high speed eventually gets Kyle attention. An old station wagon suddenly appears and stops right in front of him, blocking its four wheels.

It’s Denver and Marty, picking up their friend. Kyle picks up his bag and jumps at the back of the car. The Ford promptly starts in yet another screech…

The car slows down and stops at a gas station, the three friends are getting out of the car. Marty is refuelling the car whilst Denver grabs the soap bucket to wash the windscreen. Kyle feels a bit hungry and walks towards the station’s shop where he enters in a tinkeling noise. 

After having carefully analysed the whole range of crisps, Kyle eventually settles for a bag of "Deep Ridge Ruffles" and moves towards the counter. As he walks towards the back of the shop, he takes heed of the pretty girl behind the counter. She is reading "Nascar World Magazine" and doesn't notice Kyle's presence until he drops a soda can and bag of crisps in front of her.

Their eyes meet.

Realising he’s heavily staring at her, Kyle diverts his attention on the sunglass carousel, and starts spinning it in a distracted fashion, trying to figure out if she’s glancing back at him…

After scanning the two items, she looks back.
– It will be three dollars and twenty cents.

But Kyle is not listening, all his attention got caught on a pair of iridium glasses. He picks them from the rack and tries them on, carefully adjusting them with both hands, the price tag hanging on the left branch… He then slowly turns back towards the cashier and stares at her silently.

The girl gives him a slightly worried look but quickly regains her composure.
– With the glasses it's twenty-three dollars and twenty cents

It takes a few seconds before Kyle reacts. He looks outside and then back at her. Protected by the orange reflection of his sunglasses he keeps gazing at her for a few more seconds.
Eventually, he opens his beaten up wallet and puts 25$ on the counter.

– Keep the Change. 





Texte & Dessins: Matthieu Regout